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Why should I put my business on the Internet?

The rapid growth of the Internet has created tremendous opportunities for businesses of any size, through the benefits of low overhead and labor-saving automation. By establishing their presence on the World Wide Web, even the smallest company can make an impressive presentation, promote their products and services on a global basis to millions of potential customers, and advertise their business at a fraction of the usual costs.

The Internet has become a cornerstone of today's economy, and every large, forward-thinking company now has a web site. The cost-effective advantages of online commerce are also prompting small companies to move their marketing, sales and customer support to the Internet. Successful commercial web sites must, however, be tailored to the specific needs of each business, and need to keep pace with the demands of an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Web sites can serve as dynamic, interactive, online brochures, or display entire catalogs for online shopping, complete with credit card security and automated ordering systems. Web sites can provide after-the-sale information and customer support. Companies can tie the web-based portion of their business into their existing procedures, creating a coordinated, automated platform for all their essential business functions.

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Why do I need a web site, if I only do business locally?

Even if you're not selling to a broad geographic area, the Internet is still a very powerful tool for promoting your business. A web site will give your business a more professional aura, provide the appearance of an established company, and educate the public about your products and services. It can also be useful to established customers, when they want to refer someone to you by directing them to your web site for information.

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Business is fine without a web site, so why bother with one?

If you don't want to expand your business, then don't bother to advertise it. However, most businesses are interested in growth, and find in necessary to continually invest in advertising and promotion. For example, everyone has heard of Ford and Coca Cola, yet their ads are everywhere. Because there is intense competition among autos and soft drinks, their product must be continually kept in the public's eye. If you have no competition and your business is doing fine, then there's no need to spend money on advertising, at least until revenues start to fall.

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I don't even own a computer, so how can I have a web site?

A web site is intended for your customers and potential customers who do own or have access to a computer that's hooked up to the Internet. At this point in time, more than half the households in America are connected to the Internet. Those are the households with disposable incomes that could be spent on your products or services. With computer prices at an all-time low, perhaps you should consider owning one. With access to the whole world and all the information you could want, once you start using the Internet you'll wonder how you ever managed to get along without it.

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I've just been offered a free web site, so why not have them do it?

Professionals charge for their time, because what they do has value. There's a very big difference between a web site that's done by an amateur, and one that's created by a professional who can meet the strict demands of Internet commerce. Professional web site developers have their reputations at stake. They know their future success depends upon having satisfied clients, and they guarantee the quality of their work. They have been through the commercial web site development process many times before, and know just what to expect. They adhere to the established principles of web site design and programming that make their web sites accessible to the greatest number of users. They are fast, efficient and can complete their work within a specified time frame.

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I bought a program that makes web sites, so why not do one myself?

A professional web site developer understands the programming languages behind web sites, and can make certain that everything will work properly with just about any web browser and computer system. While a do-it-yourself program may be a cheap way to create a personal web page for a family photo album, a business-oriented web site must adhere to established principles of programming and design. Spending weeks trying to get your web site to work properly, then having to hire a professional to start the process over again, would be a waste of your time and energy. It is better to concentrate on what you already do best, and leave your web site to professionals who know what they are doing.

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How much would a professional web site cost?

Having a web site is the most cost-effective form of advertising you can buy. Design costs for a small business web site typically run from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending upon how elaborate a web site you require. In addition to development costs, there may be a monthly hosting fee. It is always best to purchase your web site outright, rather than paying the developer a monthly licensing fee or royalty, which can end up being far more expensive. Once you have paid your web site developer in full, the web site belongs to you and you can modify it at any time. You are also free to change your web hosting service whenever you want.

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What's involved in getting a professional web site?

There are three aspects to creating a web site. The most important of these is to have a professional web site developer design something that fits your specific needs. Then, once you have been shown how the completed web site will appear on the Internet, you will need to find a place to put it. This is called hosting. If you already have an Internet Service Provider (ISP), in addition to having an e-mail address you will often be allowed a certain amount of web space on the provider's host computer, either free of charge or for a minimal fee. The third aspect is to give your web site a unique name so that people can locate it with their web browsers. This is called a domain name. Your web site developer can assist you in finding a name that is not already used by someone else. If it is a top-level domain name, you will pay a fee to register it for your exclusive use.

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What does one have to do to get a web site project started?

A professional web site developer will meet with you to discuss your business objectives and what you envision for your web site. They will need your input in order to make your web site do what you want it to do. They can create the text and graphics, or use the words, images and photos that you provide. Remember that you are the expert on your business, and the web developer has the knowledge about online marketing. The two of you will work together to develop the best Internet business strategy.

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How are people going to find out about my web site?

Just as you'd promote the name of your business, its location and telephone number, you will also want to promote your company's web site location, called a URL, as well as your e-mail address. That means putting it on all your literature, including magazine and newspaper ads, brochures, business cards, and even your ads in the Yellow Pages. In addition, your web site developer can submit your site to Internet search engines, or show you how to do it yourself.

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What if I want to change my web site as my business expands?

A web site is not meant to be a static entity like a brochure, so keeping your web site up-to-date is a very important part of Internet marketing. Content is the key to a successful web site, and having fresh content will keep your visitors coming back. Your web site developer may be willing to show you how to make minor changes to your site, and should always be able to help with revisions whenever changes need to be made.

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Why should the Virtual Business Moving Company develop my web site?

Our reputation depends upon everything that we do, so we tend to be perfectionists! Because we take great pride in the web sites that we develop, whenever an applicable new technology becomes available, we like to go back and incorporate it into our clients' web sites at no additional charge. Our reasonable prices, along with our honesty and integrity, ensure your ongoing satisfaction and our future success.

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