Planning consultations with client
Preliminary design and client feedback
Web site design, including functional and graphic elements
Preparation of unformatted text submitted electronically
Preparation of text submitted as hard-copy
Proof-reading and editing of client's copy, as needed
Creation of original copy for web pages
Design and production of printable forms
Preparation of web-ready graphics submitted electronically
Preparation of graphics submitted as hard-copy
Graphic image editing, as needed
Creation of thumbnail and low-resolution images
Graphic image design and production
Creation of standard HTML web pages
Repair of defective web sites
META tag development
Frameset development
Complex tables and forms development
Creation of web pages with dynamic HTML
Creation of on-line catalogs
Automated on-line ordering systems
JavaScript programming
ASP or PHP scripting
CGI scripting with Perl or C++
Development of Java applets
Development of Flash presentations
Domain name validation and registration
Commercial web site hosting -- Description
Monthly search engine submissions
Database programming
Internet and systems management, individual training for supervisors
Staff training and development classes
Banner ad design and display programming
E-mail autoresponders
Web site secure access
Multiple-table databases
Site-specific search engines
Mirror-sites for handicapped users
Production of multi-media and interactive web sites
Shopping carts, with automated onine ordering and credit card verification

Fee schedule available upon request.

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