Benjamin Skolnick




ASP / ASP .Net

C# .Net


Flash ActionScript





Database Design

Project Management


Visual Studio .Net

SQL Server 2000

Flash MX 2004

Dreamweaver MX

Enterprise Manager

Microsoft Office 2003

Windows Server 2000
and 2003


.Net SQL Server Applications Developer

Ben is a self-motivated and goal-oriented professional, committed to pursuing a long-term career in distributed applications programming. Accelerated curve for learning new concepts, tools, and procedures. Strong interpersonal, analytical and problem-solving skills. Adaptable to new environments. Comfortable with the demands of the Rapid Development model. Ability to transfer knowledge in either a peer-to-peer or facilitator-to-group dynamic.

Qualifications Summary

CIS of VBMCo since 1995.
Extensive knowledge of several top programming languages and tools.
In-depth experience integrating applications with various data sources.
Development Team Leader at EASCI 2002-2004.
Ground-up design and development of several applications.
Proven ability to learn and apply new technologies.
Strong background in algorithms.


Lead Applications Developer, Extreme Arts & Sciences, Eugene OR, 2000-2004

Current Duties:
Conceive, develop, and deploy distributed applications using today's technology (C# .Net, Flash, SQL Server). Maintain current products written in classic ASP. Technical training and support. Travel for installation and large scale training on certain products when necessary. Lead internal discussions and debates on product viability. Develop ongoing relationships with clients.

Project Coordinator & DBA,, Eugene OR, 2002-present

Current Duties:
Create dynamic database applications for a variety of MMORPGs. Maintain Server and Database for the entire network of websites.


Computer and Information Sciences Program, University of Oregon, 1997-2001
CIS - Java, C++, Unix, Linux, Informix, (4 years), Mathematics (4 years), French (3 years), Spanish (2 years), Applied Sciences (2 years)

Computer Science, Lane Community College 1996, 2000-2001
Applied programming on Microsoft specific platforms. VB, VB.Net, Access, SQL Server, IIS and Windows Server 2000